North Carolina Puts its Ignorance and Bigotry on Full Display

In yet another attack on the vulnerable, North Carolina GOP lawmakers passed a bill that eliminates anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians and trans people. They also managed to sneak in a provision that repeals anti-discrimination protections for veterans, demonstrating how much they truly value the people who served this country. This legislation gives employers, landlords, and others the go-ahead to legally discriminate against gays, lesbians, trans people and veterans.

Another part of the bill bars trans people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The “pro-family” politicians claim that they are protecting women from sexual predators, which effectively labels all trans women as rapists. This characterization is both wildly insulting and inaccurate, as there is no evidence of trans women sexually assaulting women in restrooms. There are, however, mounds of evidence of heterosexual men barging into women’s restrooms and sexually assaulting female occupants. So should we label all heterosexual men as rapists then?

Social conservatives have a long history of projecting their sexual perversions and rape fantasies onto the LGBT community. And the modern political landscape has added Muslims to their pool of scapegoats, people whom they routinely denounce as homophobic rapists. The fact of the matter is that these bigoted lawmakers are submissive little cowards who obey the demands of big money interests without question. And in turn, they are using what little clout they have to stomp on the poor and vulnerable in order to feel some semblance of agency in their pathetic careers and lives.

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