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The War on Political Correctness

I am politically correct. I think women doing comparable work should receive the same pay as men. I believe that universities should seek out faculty members from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. I am angered when innocent, unarmed African-Americans are … Continue reading

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North Carolina Puts its Ignorance and Bigotry on Full Display

In yet another attack on the vulnerable, North Carolina GOP lawmakers passed a bill that eliminates anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians and trans people. They also managed to sneak in a provision that repeals anti-discrimination protections for veterans, demonstrating how … Continue reading

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SFSU Dreadlocks Row Skepticism

A video of a black woman accusing a white man with dreadlocks of appropriating her culture on a college campus has recently went viral, prompting widespread mainstream media coverage of the incident. I had some initial skepticism, and after viewing … Continue reading

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